Tip Jar

I have been told that if I don’t put up a tip jar, some of my girls are going to find me and dump me unceremoniously in the ocean.

This is important: If I told you that I was doing this for free, for friendship or for practice or for a demo on my blog – that is exactly what I meant. That’s why this is a “tip jar”. I do not expect you to use it. If you do, great. If I find that my tip jar is filling up, maybe I’ll go pro.

So I guess the ’cause’ for which you are donating is “convince Hearth to take the time to make this professional”.

I really, REALLY, really do NOT expect you to drop any money in here. There is less than zero pressure.

Y’all get it? And that I feel completely awkward about it? K.

Here you go, then. I linked my paypal to the email address I seldom even check… it’s amyrosehearth@gmail.com


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