Colors and Seasons

I stick to the original four-season template found in Color Me Beautiful for the basic seasons.

While the concept that we all need to tighten that list down for our very best is on point, I don’t think the 12-season analyses do the job.  Instead, if we’re going to tighten down, I agree with Zyla that we should use our own hair/skin/eye colors to do so.

When I talk about colors and seasons … here’s what I mean:

Spring:   Floral.  Clear, warm – delicate colors, often very specific colors.  Spring colors must have life.

Summer:  Watercolor season.   Cold, muted – sometimes vibrant, but more often misted.  Very classic.  Navy and wine and just a bit off white.

Autumn:  Earth.  You want to think nature, nature, nature.  Muted, textured, woodsy, the colors of the harvest.  Feel:  NATURAL.  Tea dying?  Yes.  Dyes made from pounded beet root?  Probably.  Leather and fur and wood?  Yes, yes, yes.

Winter:  Extreme.  Intense.  The darkest darks, the brightest jewels, the whitest of white – and nothing at all in between.  Snow White… lips of blood on skin as white as snow, with hair as dark as a raven’s wing…




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