Style and Color

Yes!  I’d be happy to do a color prescription for you.  The more I know, the better a job I can do.  So if you send me a full-color photograph in good, natural light where I can see your proportions, I’ll give it a go.   If you want style as well, I’ll need to know a little about you and maybe see more than one photograph.  That becomes more of an ongoing conversation, whereas color is something I can do pretty quickly.  (I will need to know your eye and hair color – exactly, and as God made ’em – too).

I get *way* overexcited about colors, so be forewarned.  I might overwhelm you.

First – drop me a comment and let me know you are going to do this – because I don’t check my hotmail very often.

Second – mail the photos to hearthflower at hotmail dot com.

Third – wait for your return mail, letting you know that I’ve set up a pinboard for you, with your link.

Fourth… well, maybe you’ll find yourself on this list!  (I won’t put up your photo without your permission – but your pinboard is, of necessity, public).

Some Essays:

My colors:















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