Back in the saddle… (workout/W30update)

yoke 6 17

Had to take a few weeks off of BBC ’cause of that minor surgery.  I know this is going to sound ridiculous and counterintuitive – but I got so stiff when I wasn’t lifting!  My lower back was a slab… and then I went in on Monday and got to play, finishing out with carrying the 185lb yoke down the parking lot.  And I got home and my lower back was happy again.  (Other things were sore, but soreness from workouts passes quickly enough).

Played again last night, laughed, did banded benchpresses… it’s all good.  😀  (BBC is definitely a CLUB – we laugh a good bit).

Whole 30 update:  Today is day 9.  Last couple of days the sugar DTs have been irritating, but they seem to be fading out a bit.  It’s definitely emotional irritation more than physical at this point.  So, that’s good.   13yo is having an easyish time of it, which makes me happy.

We don’t seem to like coconut cream as a substitute for dairy.  We like it IN things that want that coconut flavor, or subtle sweetness, but ranch dressing?  Fail.  I changed the ranch dressing recipe – instead of coconut, I added more oil, and used seasonings from the Joy of Cooking.  Win.  It didn’t have the tang of buttermilk, but it was tasty.   We’re eating a TON of salad, which makes DH happy.  He and 16yo are basically fine with the food as long as they can have a side of rice or a tortilla or something.  As 16yo said, “You’re making more sauces and more meat, what’s not to like?”  (My family LOVES sauce).

Anyway.  There’s your status report.  🙂

Beach Photos

DH sent me to the beach this morning to chill out with God.  It was drizzly and cold, which I enjoy.

I got to see a whole pod of dolphins, just stood and watched them for quite a while.   I always feel blessed when I get to see dolphins.  🙂  There are a couple of dolphin pix in this mess, but I wanted to share the lot of them with you.

And this is a picture of the pattern on a blue agave, which I thought was pretty too.


Worth it… (Vegan Sour Cream Substitute)

One of my friends is frequently vegan, and she sent me this recipe, saying that her sour-cream-mad daughter thought it was nom.

It’s nom.  And yes, whole 30 approved (avo, coconut cream, lime juice, salt, EVOO).

Having some sugar cravings today, lil cranky, but basically doing okay.  Certainly not HUNGRY.  Cranky ’cause I want “just a little” taste of sweet.  But not hungry.

Making pollo asada for dinner tonight.

Ding, dong, the trees are gone

DH has enjoyed Happy Chainsaw Time this week (have I mentioned how overjoyed I am about his newfound energy?  How about the extra joy I got from being sent out for a meat-laden lunch yesterday because he *was hungry for lunch* – which he hasn’t been in a year or more?  Yes, I am a happy happy Hearthie).


So, we have no more Brazilian pepper trees.  (Link if you want to see why I hate them so:  BFF’s DH came over yday and they loaded the logs into his truck (1600lb of logs…) to get rid of.  Today we’ll work on the last of the branches up on the hill.

Check out God’s provision – this isn’t where DH has started drilling and trying to kill the stumps.  One of the trees – one of the trees that was hanging diagonally over our entire backyard – was starting to rot from the inside out.  SO glad these things came out this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!


Once we stop sliding giant branches down the hill or chucking logs through the air (16yo has an unexpected talent at log-chucking) we’ll plant the plants we bought last week.  Aka probably Sunday, lol.

Anyway.  I’m sleeping well of an evening… lol.

Whole 30 Ranch Review

  1. It’s okay.  Not bad.  It was totally fine on the salad, would have made a good spread.
  2. It doesn’t have that good sour bite of buttermilk though – nor a good hit of garlic.  Garlic powder?  No, this won’t do.

Next time I make it, I’m going to use the seasoning instructions from the Joy of Cooking’s ranch dressing, double the garlic and triple the acid.

But good effort.   I didn’t think coconut cream could even get into this game, much less be halfway useful.