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We haven’t lifted super heavy at the gym lately – went for a deadlift PR last night.  Didn’t get there.  I did match my old PR with no prob – then the next wouldn’t go over my knee.  It’s okay.

The big reason it’s okay?  I don’t hurt.  This is wonderous.  Let me clarify this for a moment.  I’m 5’2″.  I’ll be 45yo in six weeks.  I lifted 295lb – and gave 300 a go.  To get there, I lifted weights over 250 repeatedly.  MY BACK DOESN’T HURT.  And that’s a huge win.  Last time I did this, my back hurt.  (Which isn’t weird – I didn’t hurt myself, I was just sore later).

But my coach has been on us with core.  We do *heavy* core work at BBC.  (I know I don’t look like it.  Abs are made in the kitchen).  Sadistic core work that leaves me sore for DAYS after (much, much more sore than I am right now).  So, I’m here to tell you that it’s worth it.

I think I might get some sewing time today.  🙂

DH’s shirt fit really well – excepting neck and cuffs, which were a trifle snug.  I can de-snug those, no prob.  So, win.  And yes, it looked sharp.  😀  I might also straighten the curve on the front sleeve – he doesn’t need that room and it looks a trifle odd.

Not sore.  I would, however, like a nap…. time to wake up Child One, have breakfast, get him to school, and start my day with Child Two.

The cat needs her bath this afternoon.  Another good thing to do with hot, dry days.  She’s going to want a bath before the weather turns.  No fleas means I haven’t given her one in months.

Yes, that was all very random.



Quick garden update…

  • Snow peas – not totally happy, it’s gotten hot/dry and they don’t like that.
  • Sweet peas – not totally happy, they got overgrown.  I’ve resown over top.
  • DH has been clearing cactus and bamboo and trying to right the back fence.  Woot!   Waiting for this to be done to get happy with the garden prep.

Picture of our passionflower vine – this is the one DH brought home from the “sick and dying plant pile” at Lowe’s.  It’s not as happy as our passionfruit vine, but I don’t think it’s dying anymore!  (This does fruit, but smaller fruits – I’ve never tried them.  Gorg flowers.  I didn’t realize they were afternoon/evening only – I never see them in the morning.  Duh).  Eventually the late-afternoon fence will be covered with scarlet flowers the size of my hand.  Yeah, I can handle that…


And the cosmos are blooming – this looks like a living bouquet to me.  I thought the jacaranda could use some friends.  It will go dormant for the winter soon.  I don’t know how long the cosmos will last, I just remembered how much I liked them. 🙂


ETA:  I found out one of the things that was killing my kiwi vines … my cats.  Apparently it’s like catnip.  DH put the vines out of reach of the cats and they’re coming back to life.  How WEIRD.

Sunday Sewing

Today is Sunday… and this Sunday I had some brains in my head (I really did overdo it last week) and I spent the day pottering about and getting some sewing done.

First I finished DH’s shirt – I’m wary of this.  DH keeps telling me that his shirts are ‘too boxy’ so I made this shirt YET smaller… and then I looked at a couple past shirts, and honestly the dark blue/light blue plaid fits the best by far.  So.  This might be really snug.  Fortunately it’s stretch cotton… but I will be so upset if it doesn’t fit properly.   It’s some of my best work.DSC05959

Lovely fabric.

I thought I’d show you how I put buttons on – doesn’t seem to be how most folks do it.  I grab my buttons.  I put them on the side of the shirt that gets the buttonholes.  I spread them around until I like how they look.  Then I get a measure on that, and use pins and a ruler to space them formally.  (If I’m making a buttondown for me, I first set my mid-bust button, but otherwise same procedure).  I always hem the shirt AFTER I sew the buttons, because sometimes things aren’t quite even.  Insurance, dontchaknow.




And because I’m the Fashion Diva around here, I put DH’s clothes out for him every night, with a belt.  This is what he’s wearing tomorrow… 😀


Then I sewed up a chemise for a raffle at my gym – they run a Barbells for Boobs fundraiser every year.  Someone will buy it, I hope.  Will get a pic for you later.  I think I need one of these in a different color – I forgot how pretty they are.

Then I did the Most Unglamorous Old-School Sewing – I made a pile of sweat guards.  I’m tired of throwing away good clothing from sweatstains.  And no, the trick with peroxide and dish soap doesn’t work for me.  I’ll sew them into my white shirts, and voila!  No more worries.


So, that’s what I did today… how ’bout you?

The Day of the List

Oy.  Sunday is normally my day to make lists… today I got a tiny bit overachieving … I started out my day by writing an analysis for an image consulting client and shopping for her; writing a blog post over at HIC inspired by my work with her this week, and then I had the normal prep to do… plus a bit, because this is end of the first unit for my daughter and I needed to prep her work for next unit.

My head’s a bit full.  That’s okay, after writing this many things down, I have everything on paper and it should all flow.  And I’ll sleep well tonight, having gotten the things out of my head and onto the paper.

So I’ve learned some things this week – like, it’s really NICE to have all your ducks in a row.   That sometimes you need to step up and act with authority.  That stepping out of the boat and going forward in faith can pay off.   That “just do it” is a very good way to shred your to-do list.  That you should always have a decent pair of walking shoes in the car, even if you think your meeting is going to be seated – and you don’t have anything else going.  I learned that dressing like myself will net mad compliments from very pretty and well-dressed women.  I’ve learned not to be intimidated.

This week has been insane – but it’s been good.

And today has been a very full “rest day”, but it too has been good.

I will rest well, tonight.

Sucking it up

Have to make a phone call I really do NOT want to make this morning… so, I’m typing this out as one last thing to do to put it off.

I’ve been good about writing this week.  Couldn’t do much with it today.  I tried.  Too distracted.

The Deep Work stuff and mental hygiene improvements (see HHH) have been good, I’ve gotten a lot done, but boy howdy am I TIRED from all that self-discipline.  I wasn’t disciplined this morning.  It just felt like pointless fidgeting though, it wasn’t fun.

I expect myself to be perfect.  And I’m not.   Anyone who’d ask me counsel would get more grace from me than I give myself.

That said, it’s time to get up, get dressed, wake up my son and make that phone call.

We’ll hope breakfast stays where it is currently.


(I have to have my dog put down – he’s in a lot of pain, especially at night, and I can’t look myself in the mirror anymore, waiting for my arbitrary “three bad days/nights in a row”.  I listened to him distress pant half the night, after his pain pills (max dose) had been administered.   I should make him do that twice more at least?  No.  This isn’t the first night he’s done it, by a long shot.  It’s time.  It sucks.  And that’s how it is).

Public Service Announcement

You can wear whatever you want.

Somewhere, right now, there is a man wearing a dress and five pounds of makeup reading books to small children in a public library.

You think you’re “too fancy”?  You think you’re “too girly”?  You think your outfit is a little “too out-there”?   Compared to whom, exactly?  Are there any conventions left?  No?  Then let’s take the cards we were dealt and win the game.

You’re a woman.  Get dressed.


Just a picture

This is a little random.   I did a damp-braid on my hair the other day and I was trying to take a picture in the sunlight, for Instagram (outfit of the day).

But the light here was so pretty that I wanted to share it generally.   I don’t think *I* look particularly wonderful, I just think it’s a pretty picture qua picture.