Building a Wardrobe

Every one of us needs a wardrobe that fits her (or his) life.

It is easy to buy the shiny-pretty things first and forget the things that you’re going to wear most often.  It’s easy to forget the “just in case” clothing that everyone needs.  We’ve gotten used to such a disposable wardrobe, with the state of the ready-to-wear industry, that we forget that certain items aren’t meant to be bought and used only for a year or five.  A thing of beauty is a joy forever… well, it can be – if you think things through first and invest in quality.

For those of us who sew our own, a bit of forethought can allow us to have a wardrobe several income-classes above the one we actually inhabit.  Perfect fit?  Yes.  Just the right color?  Of course – we selected the fabrics ourselves!  Great style?  Naturally.

Other humans are going to judge you based on what you’re wearing.  It is the visible symbol of what you think of yourself.   A good core wardrobe is something that is a sound return on investment.

Take your time and learn what you need to learn – craftsmanship is important.  And so is knowing who you are as a person, what you want to convey to others, and what looks best on you – you never want to look like you’re wearing a costume, not even a “successful lawyer” costume.

Here are a few articles that I’ve written about wardrobe essentials and how to craft your best wardrobe.


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