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Today’s Garden Notes


Today’s take… I think I should have enough plants to finish that section of yard.

  • 3 Butterfly bushes (Black Knight, Bi-Color, White)
  • 1 Purple Puffy Sage (not its real name)
  • 1 varigated sage
  • 1 Santa Barbara Daisy/Feverfew
  • 1 Aloe Vera
  • 1 Pink Plant which I forget the name of now (not an herb, bottom of pic, center)
  • 1 Tea Tree plant
  • 1 Pink Daisy (because my daughter asked for “pretty flowers”)

I had another terrace to fill up, and a few random spots here and there.  Will be glad to get these in and do the groundcovers and have this section of hill done.  Hoping everything gets grown in well before the heat/dry hits in a month or so.

Closing Fabric Store

Ran out to get some materials for a friend who’d asked me to make a dress for her – she hadn’t bought lining, and we’re making some draped chiffon sleeves.

DH wanted me to pick up some blackout lining – the “blackout curtains” I’d gotten from Target aren’t black enough for him (even over our blinds – yes, my husband likes to sleep in the *dark*).

And while I was there, since the fabric store was closing up forever, I saw this cotton and said, “I need to get back in the sewing saddle” and it’s just about perfect for DH.


Sheer Randomness

I have all these empty plastic pots… as I have extra dirt for them, I’m filling them up and adding the entire packet of old seeds that I had stored.

Why the whole packet?  Apparently the last time I bought seed was 2013.   Even with excellent seed (Seed Savers/ Seeds of Change) 2017 is more than a little bit past the due date.

So far I have either a bunch of fennel or a bunch of dill (mystery seed head) and a few brave cucumbers.   Not sure what kind of cukes, I dumped two packets in that bowl.   Today I planted melon seeds.   I don’t even know why, we usually don’t get hot enough to grow good melons.  Well, I can use it for ground cover anyway.  But I like melon… it would be nice to have it on site.

My mom brought over some milkweed seeds, so I can get those started too.   Monarch butterflies FTW!  If it goes well, I might do some rogue milkweed planting on some of our wild hillsides.  No guilt – currently they’re covered in wild mustard, which feeds cabbage butterflies.  A few milkweeds wouldn’t hurt anything.  Of course they might just seed themselves.   🙂

I got a couple of flats of creeping herbs – one of thyme, one rosemary.  I’ll plant about half of those out tomorrow, and transplant some of the ice plant.  Getting the bits of earth covered with growing things is a high priority… at least once we’ve finished messing with that space for this year.   (Our hill is pretty liberally strewn with weed seed and the dirt has been disturbed – I need ground cover before the winter rains come).


Whole 30 day 18 – filled with energy.  Not “up” energy, just… I’m not particularly tired.  This is irritating, as it’s 915pm.   Going to put on my jams and heat up a rice pack for my shoulders I guess.  I still miss cream, but I have a sneaking suspicion the lack of dairy might be the reason that these jeans my mom gave me are fitting so well today…  no, not inflammation.  Calories.   There are only so many nuts one woman can eat, and otherwise I’m not big on non-animal fat sources.  And I ate all the meat in the house.  :p  Anyway I don’t want protein, I just want fat.  My protein ‘tank’ is completely full.

I kind of like the energy, I’m just not used to it.  So it’s weird.  Plus it’s not like the energy you get from being on caffeine or sugar, so I keep thinking that I’m tired.  But I’m not.   Or I wouldn’t have gone outside to plant an herb bowl at 730 at night, now would I?

Planting, finally

We totally underestimated the pre-work we needed to get done before we put those plants in the ground, but this weekend holes have been dug and we only have a couple more plants to plant (of course I’ll be plant shopping this week, lol).

DH (with my “help”) dug the first terrace shelf and put some boards behind it to stabilize.  We’ll add one or two more, probably smallish ones.


I know with the dappled light it’s hard to see … but if you look in front of the boards, you’ll see a

  • Lemon Verbena (which will move, it’s just there to get water and be in the hole for something else. I want to be able to get at it, so it will live either at the top or bottom of the hill)
  • Watermelon Sage (3′ high at maturity)
  • Sweet Lavender (5′ high at maturity)
  • Russian Sage (4′ high at maturity)
  • Pink Butterfly Bush (6-8′ high at maturity)

We also planted another butterfly bush and the jacaranda above the succulent that’s center stage.   DH brought home a red flowering passion fruit so that’s planted on the fence too.

I’m not sure exactly what else we could do to make butterflies, bees and hummingbirds happier to be in our yard…

Oh wait.  I could.  DH has it in planning stages… you’ll just have to wait.  It’s going to be awesome.  😀

Papaya Salad

Papayas are perpetually on sale in my local health food store, and I’ve started incorporating them into our diet after years of thinking I didn’t like them because of the smell.  They turn out to be quite mildly sweet…


… which means that they’re much improved by the addition of some acidic fruit.  Another mildly sweet fruit with a different flavor (the kiwi) made a nice third-leg for this salad.  (I bought the kiwi because 13yo said she didn’t know what they tasted like, and I just planted a bunch of kiwi vines, so um… yeah, she’s gonna need to eat a lot of the things).

This was tasty, so sharing…

  • 1 papaya (smallish)
  • 6 oranges (Valencias – quite sweet)
  • 3 kiwi fruit

Apologies for those of you who live farther than 50 miles from Mexico.  😉

So much clearing

We spent some quality time yesterday clearing up and disposing of more pepper tree debris.  Four full green bins later…


But we have plenty to go.  I know, leaf litter = future soil, but unfortunately, this is almost all pepper tree leaves!  Toxic soil isn’t where we want to go.  :p


The rosemary bushes are so happy to have the pepper trees gone, the water they got over the winter – all of the ones we’re not disturbing constantly have a bunch of new growth.  Exciting!


And here’s the view from the hill.  🙂  This is going to be so nice when we’re done!


The only downside was when DH found a baby scorpion up on the hill.  … :p  No one wants scorpions!

So that’s where we be… 🙂