I’ve talked quite a bit about how to dress to communicate who you are, but perhaps less about how you dress communicates what’s in your head right now…


So.  I’ve been trying to be more active and move more, and that’s translated into my wardrobe.  But also there are some things that aren’t so good that translated – like my discomfort with where my bod is right now, which has made itself known by too much “strong, basic” clothing choices (Earth, if you’ve read my book) and not enough sweetness, softness and just plain prettiness (Water).

This is one of my fav outfits right now – it feels to me carelessly elegant and pulled together.  It is.  But it’s not *as good* on me as it would have been on my mom at my age.

Sometimes we dress like our moms…  I do, anyway.

DH doesn’t like it when I do this.  I think I look amazing, and he’s like, “you look fine”.  (He likes a level of sweetness and delicacy that makes me uncomfortable, I don’t feel like it suits me these


years or this weight.)

I adjusted yday and pulled out the dress I made for our date-a-versary.  Gah.  WHY do I lose weight in my upper torso before I lose weight in my face or my



waist?  It doesn’t fit again.  -headdesk-  It was pretty but a little twee.  I don’t do twee.

So, I adjusted yet again and came up with today’s outfit.  It suits.  It fits.  It’s me.  It’s not PERFECT, but it’s much better.  (Would be better minus the squint, but it was sunny outside…)

All that isn’t about the clothes as much as it is about what’s in my head.  Transition is hard on your wardrobe – and your psyche.  You can’t give up too much of who you are in search of who you want to become.


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