Personal Food Pyramid

  • Whole 30 – check
  • Reintroduction of foods – check
  • Eating too much ’cause it was the 4th of July holiday – check
  • Balancing back and seeing what works – check

Food pyramid

This is my *personal* food pyramid.  No, it’s not very detailed, because I eat whatever I want from all but the top two tiers as my body asks for those things.  (I am keeping my eye on my ‘grains’ portions for weight management).   You’re thinking, surely Hearth isn’t eating that many nuts?  Um, surely she IS.  If this was in proportion, the bottom tier (which includes potatoes, which are a vegetable) would take up about half of the pyramid, then dairy/nuts would fill in about a third, and the rest can fight it out amongst themselves.

Wheat is for special occasions only, and corn is for never if I can avoid it.  I guess at Christmas, when I make caramel corn.  (I don’t like stomachaches).

Yes, it is a high-fat diet.  That’s what was killing me off, the last 10 days of W30, I just don’t like vegetable fats all that much, and I’d reached the limit of the amount of bacon fat one woman can tolerate.   Another avocado?  No thank you!   Butter and cream for me, thanks.

It is a low-sugar diet.  I’ve found that sugars and excess carbs do bad things to my bod.  I mean, really nasty “I feel nauseous” things.  This pleases me, it makes them easier to avoid.

I note that caffeine continues to not  be my friend – one cup of coffee for the glory of cream and sugar/wk is sufficient.  I’ll stick to green tea the rest of the time.   As previously noted, alcohol doesn’t agree with me, so unless I really want the muscle relaxant effect, I’ll skip it.

Beef and dark-meat chicken are my buddies.  White-meat chicken is okay, but needs fat added.  Pork is meh.  I’m happy to eat all the lamb and duck that come my way – but they don’t, at least not very often.

YMMV?  No, your mileage most certainly WILL vary.   Go forth and do the experimentation on your own!

Oh.  I’ve lost another two pounds from … I don’t even know, I wasn’t trying.  Maybe the scale was off.  I’ll double check in a few days.


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