The impossible

My “new lifestyle” (laughter) involves a lot more gardening and outdoor time.  Now, even though I will romp in a long skirt, they get in the way climbing up hills and get caught on rosebushes.  Also, they don’t do well at the tidepools.  Shorts are called for.

I haven’t been able to find a pair of shorts I didn’t *loathe* for ten years.  Possibly more.

Yesterday, I did.  Linen/rayon.  $10.  JCP.  I bought four pair.  If I wear them with a long-enough shirt, my tummy is covered… as in, they don’t cup under my tummy, which has been a thing.  (A horrible thing).  I bought a couple of new t-shirts too.


This?  This looks like me.  Driver’s arm tan and all.  😀


8 thoughts on “The impossible

  1. Curly Sue

    Once I hit 40, I switched from shorts to skorts. They seem to fit better and don’t draw attention to my tummy.


      1. Maeve

        Hearth, Kohls has fantastic skorts – i own a bunch and love to wear them for everything and they hit just above my knee (i’m 5’2, so they’d probably fit you well, too). My oldest daughter bought a bunch, too, because as she put it, when you’re teaching kindergarteners, you find yourself moving in all kinds of directions and they’re just perfect for that.


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