Reintroduction of food

Dairy:  Yes.  Thank you.  I missed you.  How I missed you.  You make my life complete.  I stopped being hungry.  Never leave me again.

Sugar:  You make me queasy.  You taste good.  But you make me queasy.

Peanut Butter/Legumes:  Eh.  I guess I’d call this a “sometimes” food.  Bod doesn’t cry out for joy, doesn’t complain… much.

Non-wheat grains:  Wow.  Really filling.  Not sure I want very much of this, but I do want a little.  Properly soaked, so filling.   Portion control, much easier.  (Of course the last time I went grain-free for a while, portion control was cake **at first**).

Almost-wheat grains (soaked overnight):  I tried spelt this morning.  I don’t know that the recipe in question was very good – too long a baking at too low a temp, the biscuits were crunchy rather than fluffy.  But spelt has a sweet nutty taste that practically begs to be used in chocolate chip cookies or anything including brown sugar.  I think it would be good in carrot cake.  Grains continue to be madly filling.  AND something you somehow want more of.  I think W30 calls this “food with no brakes”.  Word to the wise – hopefully I’m the “wise” in this case.

Well – it turns out that the daughter and husband loathe spelt, so there’s no problem there.  :p  I do think it would be good in cookies.  Or spice cake.  Gingerbread would be really excellent with spelt flour.

Wheat (DH ordered pizza):  Same ol’, same ol’ – insta bloat, and yet I could eat more, though it makes me feel yucky.    This is not a food I want to have in my life more often than birthday cakes are concerned.  Or when all hands give me puppy eyes and I make pancakes or something.

Alcohol:  Um, I’ll let you know when I can be bothered to have some.  I don’t drink very often, it makes me queasy.  (See:  Sugar).   Like, I can have half a portion or less and be seasick.  Mostly I skip it.  This is not a major part of my life.

Other notes:  13yo and I are both HUGELY full with smaller portions of food than we ate pre-W30, or (in 13yo’s case) skipping meals entirely.  It’s a nice change from scrounging for anything fatty to fill that ??? void the last 10 days of W30.   Of course dairy/grains are much more calorie dense than veggies or meat, so that’s not too weird.   It’s nice though.  Very nice.

So far, we’ve been fairly well behaved with our food intake.   DH got us ice cream the first night.  I regretted eating any.  So queasy after.  :p

I’m feeling much fuller and much more sensitive to how various foods make me feel, which makes making good choices just that much easier.

W30 might not be my life, but it was a good choice.

I went shopping today.  How did 4lb turn into half a dress size?  As in, down half a dress size.  Did they get cute with the vanity sizing again?   I did get some shorts I don’t loathe.  Pix tomorrow maybe.


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