More planting

A small picture… We have the basic bits of the terracing in, and most of the planting done.  (I can find more interplanting to do).  Reminder to all… these are baby plants, next year or the year after you’ll see them full-size.

(I seriously can’t wait for Spring, it’s going to be *insane*)


Top terrace from the back (you can’t even see it):

  • Tea Tree (4-8 foot shrub, red flowers)
  • Pineapple Sage (3 ft, hot-pink flowers)
  • Lavender (3 ft, purple flowers)
  • Russian Sage (3 ft, purple flowers)
  • Pink Butterfly Bush (6 ft, pink flowers)

Bottom terrace from the back:

  • Honeysuckle vine (trained to fence)
  • Purple sage (4-5 foot, purple tufted flowers)
  • Varigated sage (2-3 foot, interesting foliage)
  • Penstemon (2 foot, pink flowers)
  • White butterfly bush (6-8 ft, white flowers)

I’ve interplanted red flowering ice plant, white flowering ice plant, creeping thyme, and creeping rosemary, and hopefully some of the milkweed seeds will come up.

There’s a top tier, up from the jade plant, that tier has culinary sage, russian tarragon, white lavender (1 ft), a purple butterfly bush, lemon verbena, and the jacaranda tree, which will one day give light shade to my entire hill.

We picked up a kumquat tree while we were at Lowe’s Saturday.  I’m not sure what we should do with that, but I *might* see if DH wants to just put it in a pot.  They don’t get very big (6-8 ft), and we could use a patio tree.  It has fruit on it already, it’s not young.  Has a thicker trunk than my little orange tree does, for true.

It looks pretty mild now, but just you wait.  Work done today produces results for tomorrow… and I think that’s a concept that carries.



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