Drumroll please: W30 results

13yo hasn’t gotten up yet… but here are mine:

4lb off; 1/2″ gone from bust/hip/thigh; 1.25″ from waist

Non-Scale-Victories:  Consistent energy.  PMS symptoms non-existent to the point that my cycle surprised me.  Cycle was much easier on me, a little lighter, but my energy stayed nearly the same during, which is unprecedented.


So, pretty much what happened when I went off sugar/wheat before – minus the cycle stuff, which I don’t remember.  The bloat goes away (which is most of the weight loss and the waistline change) and I feel more consistently “me”.

Today we start reintroducing… it’s dairy day!  (I don’t care about the order.  13yo and I want our dairy back.  Now.)

I think her results will be more shocking – she looks a lot smaller.


2 thoughts on “Drumroll please: W30 results

  1. elspeth

    whole30 is an awesome reset program and it does deliver on its promises. Finding the balance when reintroduction occurs is key.

    Congrats to you and the kid for staying the course!


    1. hearthie Post author

      Well, breakfast went well for me – I had a meat/cheese/veggie omelette with sour cream on top – about half of that, and a cup of coffee with cream. First cup of Joe in a month – I only drink coffee FOR the cream. I did NOT eat the sour cream off my omelette with a spoon. Very proud. It was soooooo good. I filled up fast, which was a nice side-effect of getting my bod back to spec – and it was easy to say “enough” because I knew I could have more when I want it.

      13yo is apparently blowing off reintroduction protocols. Which will be its own lesson, I imagine.



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