Incremental changes

If you want to change your life, you have to change your habits – I’ve heard that said, and I think it’s true.  The thing is, we don’t always want to change our habits.

But I do want to change my life – and so I’m making new habits.  Just – incremental changes as I notice things that need to be different.  The question is, “do I want to be a person that does…?”

One of the big things I’m doing is going outside and visiting my garden every morning.  I climb the hill, I check the new plants, I sprinkle water on the seedling zones, if I have a hoe I chop out any weeds I happen to notice.  It’s a pleasant thing to do, and a good way to start the day.  (I must say, I am not going to have any trouble getting used to the smell of sage wafting into my house when I open the windows in the morning, or the sweet smell of butterfly bushes on the evening breeze.  Nope, no trouble with that at all!  And while the view is questionable, the birdsong is excellent.)

What that does is make two habits – a habit of movement, and a habit of ‘outside’.  (Also it gets me moving, period).  I’m hoping to keep those habits, have them hard-wired by the time the heat comes, or during the rainy season when climbing the hill won’t be advisable.



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