Whole 30: Day 23

I’m so bored of this diet.  And I want my dairy, and I want my oats.  I’m pretty sure sugar has to stay away as much as I can manage to keep it gone.   Fruit sugar is pretty much enough to kill the sugar cravings now, sometimes it’s too much and makes me queasy.  So, that’s a thing.  That’s going to be hard, in life – I didn’t eat that much sugar before (compared to a SAD diet anyway).  I’m going to have to be really strict with myself to maintain feeling this good, I think.

That said, at this point I feel un-satisfied (physiologically – like hunger but I’m not hungry) and I’m vaguely tired all the time (which happens when I restrict calories), but my activity level is high and my workouts have been going VERY well.  My body is functioning excellently.    My clothes are fitting better and my bod looks smaller.  I’m being good – no weigh-ins until next Saturday – but I’ll be surprised if about 5lb haven’t come off.  Is that bloat or fat?  Mostly the former, some of the latter.  But whatevs, I’ll take it.  5lb in a month is, frankly, very very good weight-loss for me.

Assuming the re-entry goes like I think it will go, I’ll probably be eating Primal + non-wheat grains, and at least while I’m still trying to lose weight, keeping a wary eye on my carb intake.  I’ll start getting serious about learning to ferment and do the Nourishing Traditions food stuff once I’m back to normal, seeing how things feel as I go along.

This was mostly just written to give me a minute to rest my brain between dinner and going out to start a shirt for my hubster.  To the ironing board!


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