Sheer Randomness

I have all these empty plastic pots… as I have extra dirt for them, I’m filling them up and adding the entire packet of old seeds that I had stored.

Why the whole packet?  Apparently the last time I bought seed was 2013.   Even with excellent seed (Seed Savers/ Seeds of Change) 2017 is more than a little bit past the due date.

So far I have either a bunch of fennel or a bunch of dill (mystery seed head) and a few brave cucumbers.   Not sure what kind of cukes, I dumped two packets in that bowl.   Today I planted melon seeds.   I don’t even know why, we usually don’t get hot enough to grow good melons.  Well, I can use it for ground cover anyway.  But I like melon… it would be nice to have it on site.

My mom brought over some milkweed seeds, so I can get those started too.   Monarch butterflies FTW!  If it goes well, I might do some rogue milkweed planting on some of our wild hillsides.  No guilt – currently they’re covered in wild mustard, which feeds cabbage butterflies.  A few milkweeds wouldn’t hurt anything.  Of course they might just seed themselves.   🙂

I got a couple of flats of creeping herbs – one of thyme, one rosemary.  I’ll plant about half of those out tomorrow, and transplant some of the ice plant.  Getting the bits of earth covered with growing things is a high priority… at least once we’ve finished messing with that space for this year.   (Our hill is pretty liberally strewn with weed seed and the dirt has been disturbed – I need ground cover before the winter rains come).


Whole 30 day 18 – filled with energy.  Not “up” energy, just… I’m not particularly tired.  This is irritating, as it’s 915pm.   Going to put on my jams and heat up a rice pack for my shoulders I guess.  I still miss cream, but I have a sneaking suspicion the lack of dairy might be the reason that these jeans my mom gave me are fitting so well today…  no, not inflammation.  Calories.   There are only so many nuts one woman can eat, and otherwise I’m not big on non-animal fat sources.  And I ate all the meat in the house.  :p  Anyway I don’t want protein, I just want fat.  My protein ‘tank’ is completely full.

I kind of like the energy, I’m just not used to it.  So it’s weird.  Plus it’s not like the energy you get from being on caffeine or sugar, so I keep thinking that I’m tired.  But I’m not.   Or I wouldn’t have gone outside to plant an herb bowl at 730 at night, now would I?


2 thoughts on “Sheer Randomness

    1. hearthie Post author

      thank you! Have to get things planted before the heat/dry comes… followed by the (hopefully) wet. 🙂

      No planting today I think – yday I spent a couple of hours out there putting in groundcovers near the first terrace, adding the culinary perennials up on the hill and getting that dill out of the pots and into the dirt. Put some milkweed seeds and cosmos seeds in the ground too. It was very exciting planting, what with the police helicopter going by… :p

      There’s some more digging to be done before I plant the next couple of rows down, including my verbena. I *could* go get some butterfly bushes for the top, but I think I need a break. Prob tomorrow I’m going to have to decide what to do with the cukes.

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