Planting, finally

We totally underestimated the pre-work we needed to get done before we put those plants in the ground, but this weekend holes have been dug and we only have a couple more plants to plant (of course I’ll be plant shopping this week, lol).

DH (with my “help”) dug the first terrace shelf and put some boards behind it to stabilize.  We’ll add one or two more, probably smallish ones.


I know with the dappled light it’s hard to see … but if you look in front of the boards, you’ll see a

  • Lemon Verbena (which will move, it’s just there to get water and be in the hole for something else. I want to be able to get at it, so it will live either at the top or bottom of the hill)
  • Watermelon Sage (3′ high at maturity)
  • Sweet Lavender (5′ high at maturity)
  • Russian Sage (4′ high at maturity)
  • Pink Butterfly Bush (6-8′ high at maturity)

We also planted another butterfly bush and the jacaranda above the succulent that’s center stage.   DH brought home a red flowering passion fruit so that’s planted on the fence too.

I’m not sure exactly what else we could do to make butterflies, bees and hummingbirds happier to be in our yard…

Oh wait.  I could.  DH has it in planning stages… you’ll just have to wait.  It’s going to be awesome.  😀


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