Papaya Salad

Papayas are perpetually on sale in my local health food store, and I’ve started incorporating them into our diet after years of thinking I didn’t like them because of the smell.  They turn out to be quite mildly sweet…


… which means that they’re much improved by the addition of some acidic fruit.  Another mildly sweet fruit with a different flavor (the kiwi) made a nice third-leg for this salad.  (I bought the kiwi because 13yo said she didn’t know what they tasted like, and I just planted a bunch of kiwi vines, so um… yeah, she’s gonna need to eat a lot of the things).

This was tasty, so sharing…

  • 1 papaya (smallish)
  • 6 oranges (Valencias – quite sweet)
  • 3 kiwi fruit

Apologies for those of you who live farther than 50 miles from Mexico.  😉


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