Ding, dong, the trees are gone

DH has enjoyed Happy Chainsaw Time this week (have I mentioned how overjoyed I am about his newfound energy?  How about the extra joy I got from being sent out for a meat-laden lunch yesterday because he *was hungry for lunch* – which he hasn’t been in a year or more?  Yes, I am a happy happy Hearthie).


So, we have no more Brazilian pepper trees.  (Link if you want to see why I hate them so: http://www.public.asu.edu/~camartin/plants/Plant%20html%20files/schinusterebinthefolius.html).  BFF’s DH came over yday and they loaded the logs into his truck (1600lb of logs…) to get rid of.  Today we’ll work on the last of the branches up on the hill.

Check out God’s provision – this isn’t where DH has started drilling and trying to kill the stumps.  One of the trees – one of the trees that was hanging diagonally over our entire backyard – was starting to rot from the inside out.  SO glad these things came out this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!


Once we stop sliding giant branches down the hill or chucking logs through the air (16yo has an unexpected talent at log-chucking) we’ll plant the plants we bought last week.  Aka probably Sunday, lol.

Anyway.  I’m sleeping well of an evening… lol.


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