Whole 30 Starts Tomorrow

13yo and I are starting whole 30 tomorrow.

I’ve made my mayonnaise.  (A first!)

I’ve boiled my chicken and eggs.

I’ve eaten my last bowl of ice cream.

We’re as ready as we’re gonna get… meep!


2 thoughts on “Whole 30 Starts Tomorrow

    1. hearthie Post author

      Will do. So far – fine. It’s 11am, lol. For the humor, 13yo tried to 1) not take any food to school 2) then just take fruit 3) finally was prevailed upon to take some boiled chicken with her fruit.

      Tonight for dinner I’m making a salad with beef and chimichurri sauce. Tomorrow we get whatever chicken is left over (I made kind of a lot) in a cobb salad with approved ranch. DH told me to have 13yo come to the store with me on Saturday, so I didn’t go further than that.



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