Garden Time

I know you’re all on tenterhooks, waiting to hear how much better my husband is feeling…  Does this picture answer your questions?  Because this is the green stuff he’s cleared in the last 7 days…. (note four full green-bins).


Today he put in a copper drinking-water line up to the top of the hill.  Eventually we’ll get grey-water up there too (for the fruit trees), but this is a GREAT start.  (I am very excited). DSC05520

We also went to the nursery today and started getting herbs for the hill.  We picked up two sorts of sage, two sorts of lavender, a lemon verbena, two butterfly bushes, and a passionfruit vine.   Will be planting those in this week.

Meanwhile, Vicky decided it was a good day to catch baby bunnies.  We’ve rescued the same bunny from her THREE TIMES today.  Just released it on the opposite side of the fence.  Hoping that it reunites with its mom, or at least gets better at hiding.   (Kill the gophers, leave the bunnehs alone).   DSC05513


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