Unified Food Field Theory: Pt. 2

We’ll entitle this:  Things I Suspect

I suspect that GMO foods, poor soil management, pesticides and herbicides have made the bulk of the food that we eat less nutritious than God created it to be.

I notice that organic foods, home-grown, local foods taste better.  And that they make my body happier.

I suspect this particularly affects wheat.  I hear that bread, in other countries, tastes differently than our bread does (less sweet).  I hear that it affects people’s waistlines less.

I suspect that the legions of people who notice that certain foods have an aversive affect (but not a full-out allergy) could tolerate those foods in moderation if the food in question was 1) grown old-school and 2) prepared old-school (including applicable soaking/souring).  I notice that though it’s still wheat, and I still don’t want very much of it, the 24hour soured sourdough bread I get is much more tolerable to my body than regular bread.

I don’t quite understand how everyone I know who goes on a food-allergy diet ends up aversive to staple foods like legumes and grains and dairy (hey, dairy is a staple food for a lot of people).

I notice that including proper fermented food in my diet practically makes my body do a cheerleading routine.

I suspect that none of us eats the amount of veggies that they should.  I notice that some folks have bodies that scream for raw veg and some want it cooked.

I suspect that where your ancestors were raised affects which foods agree with you the most, which foods support your body the best.

I suspect that where you live and what you do with your life also affects those things, and they should be considered in concert.

I suspect that seasonal eating, following the rhythms of weather and usual harvest patterns, is a very healthy choice, and confuses people who spend too much time indoors and don’t understand why they crave comfort food at one time and salads at another.

I suspect that we were given tastebuds so that we could figure out which were the very best foods for our bodies, because I notice that the better the food is for me, the better it tastes – once I’m “clean” of the sugar monster, that is.

I suspect that we are supposed to eat rather a lot more herbs and spices than we do.

I’m pretty certain that none of this was designed to be as annoying as it is today.


3 thoughts on “Unified Food Field Theory: Pt. 2

    1. hearthie Post author

      Insofar as “annoying”… it’s annoying that you have to turn yourself into a foodie in order to eat properly. The default setting is not good.


  1. goingtothefields

    Yes and yes, over and over again.

    My stomach and digestion were always paining me. I thought it was wheat, I obsessed about it. Then dairy – I obsessed about it. Pork. Eggs. Crucifers…I read so much, I got worse.

    Recently I stopped reading. About food issues, about anxiety/depression, about IBS, about training and bodybuilding diets, and I decided to just eat real food I grow or source locally.

    You know I’m crunchy so it won’t surprise you that I buy bulk spelt berries and grind it into flour for bread? :blinks: Well since I just started eating Nourishing Tradition style and stopped worrying, I feel better. Still heavier than I want to be, but healthy.

    Vitamin D is important too, seeing the sun after a cold winter and very late spring helps, and of course prayer and tending my spiritual garden. God said let it go…purging my “stuff” also meant deleting book marked pages of info to convince me I’m ill when I’m otherwise not.

    My ancestors are meat and dairy types with a dose of grains to supplement their diet. So I eat as close to that as I can, and I’m not shredded to heck but I’m healthy and strong and look like a 40 yo mom of three who is content with her man and the life he provides.

    Now THAT is a story for another day…E touched on it. But we’re bombarded with reasons to second guess our happiness which is toxic to all areas of wellbeing.

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