Birthday Cake

13yo and my dad had a joint birthday today….

She asked me for a unicorn cake.  I haven’t “done up” a cake in a long time, but I do enjoy it.  I went pedal-to-the-metal with this one.  Hey, you only turn 13 once.    She made the horn.  🙂

For what it’s worth, edible gold spray paint is a very disappointing color of yellow, it’s not metallic, and food pens don’t work very well on buttercream icing.

The cake sent 16yo into sugar shock, I guess he felt inclined to EAT all that frosting.  (It was proper frosting, lemon flavored – not horrible crisco decorator icing).  He has made me pledge to have nothing remotely unicorn themed at his birthday – there were a LOT of sparkly rainbow unicornish things on parade today.  Hey.  13.  Girl.  That’s how we roll.  😀

My mom made my dad’s cake – a nice water-bath cheesecake, GF, frosted with sour cream.   I found him a book by John Muir that one of his favorite authors wrote the preface to… got him a few other books, and 16yo bought him a watch.

Guess maybe there’s a difference between being 13 and 74, male and female?

Anyway, if anyone is looking for me, get a broom and poke around the ceiling, probably will work.


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