Staring at pictures…

I’m looking at an old pic of my mom, my grandma and I.  Mom doesn’t really like too many pix of her online, so I won’t post it.  Instead, here are some other pix of my grandma.

When I had my senior picture taken, everyone told me how freakishly alike my grandma I looked, excepting our coloring.  (Three blonde grandparents and my hair is dark brown…)

They tell me we’re a lot alike.  One of the few stories I have of my grandma is a story mom told me about bringing a beau home sometime in the late 50s… it was summer, grandma had taken the dogs out for a walk in the farm, and being a hot day, the dogs had jumped in the pond and she’d decided to follow.  They all traipsed home, grandma dripping wet… the beau was most unamused.  (My mom broke up with him for not having a sense of humor).

Would I jump in a pond on a hot day, fully dressed, on a whim?   Duh.

They tell me my grandma “didn’t know a stranger”, and that she was kind to people that  you wouldn’t think a nice lady would be kind to.   That she made a difference.  She was loved.  She loved nice clothing, and she was the reason my mom was voted ‘best dressed’ in HS.

Sometimes I wish I could have known that grandma.  Sounds like we could have gotten into some serious hijinx together.

This is the grandma I did know.  We lived within a city’s distance of her, most of my growing up years.  She and I spent a lot of time together.  She was quiet, and didn’t talk much about herself.  I lost her before I got old enough to start asking questions about her life…

But if you ever wanted to know where I got the Southern Lady titanium backbone covered with fluffy marshmallows, here she is:


She was an RN, she worked in the post-partum ward.  Yes, my first nurse was my grandma!  (Let’s just say I’m pretty sure I got excellent care in the first few days of my life).  If you know a nurse, you know the nurse thing – sweet and kind and nurturing, and you’d best do as you were told.

She was born and raised in the deep South, and moved out to CA around the same time as my grandpa.   She about half-raised me, I spend a lot of time with her growing up.  No hijinx, lots of being there.   My BFF continually reminds me of my paternal grandma.  Same character, same steady sweetness.

(Doesn’t Grandpa look dashing?)

Happy Mother’s Day, all.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Staring at pictures…

  1. Elspeth

    I showed Bright Eyes the pic at the top of the post and her response was, “Oh wow. It’s Miss Hearhie!” Yep. You look like your grandma. Uncanny.

    Love the post.



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