I bought some glads at the store today… they weren’t very much, only $5 for the bunch.

My mom and grandma used to grow gladiolus, and we’d get them from the flower-girl who came door-to-door of a Saturday as well.  My mom doesn’t grow them anymore.  I think she must have stopped during one of the yard-re-dos … probably when she pulled out her flower beds and replaced them with bark.

I haven’t gotten them in so long that my kids didn’t recognize them, since they’ve not started to open yet. What a travesty!

I hate the drought.  I hate not being able to plant pretty things.  I hate the weeds that take over my yard after the spring rains because I don’t have an established lawn, because grass is thirsty.

The drought is over, but … it’s not like I live somewhere rain can be taken for granted.   More thought is required!

More cut flowers … a must-do.


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