Still Sewing

I was going to work on another project, a friend had asked me to sew a costume for Comic-con for her… but my husband got very sick this week, so I’m just enjoying working one-step-at-a-time on my jacket project.   Hand sewing is the bomb when you don’t have enough energy to tackle anything big but you want to get something done.

As I’m about 2/3 the way through the sleeves, I’d like to make a statement about this pattern … it has been worth the price of admission just for how much I’ve learned.  I’ve had to spend a lot of time just saying, “Okay – I don’t know how this is going to work, but I’m trusting you here….” and then having my jaw on the floor, because not only did it work, it worked like a charm.

Don’t even buy the pattern if you’re not going to do the couture stuff.  I’ve skipped the embroidered buttonholes, but done everything else… and I don’t think you could assemble it properly if you *didn’t* do all the fiddly bits.

My hand sewing has gotten worlds better, but let’s not lie to each other here – my stitches aren’t that awesome.  But the process, that’s pretty great.

I wouldn’t want to do the silk version as my first go ’round – there are places I’ll tighten my work on the “good version”, places I’ll make some adjustments – and yes, I can already see I’m going to make some fitting changes to the final go.   That’s fine, that’s the whole point of a wearable muslin.

Anyway.  I was going to say I was done for the day, but I might go back and do a bit more work on those sleeves.  I’m kind of on a roll.  We’ll see, I guess.


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