This is a rose garden, right?

The roses have started blooming in force.  They didn’t have much of a showing last year, even though I fed them … well, we didn’t have much water last year.  They’re responding well to the rain!


The red and white roses are the same variety of roses that I carried in my bridal bouquet – Fire and Ice.  (They were a somewhat difficult plant to find, as they’re strictly a florist’s rose, the plants aren’t yet full-grown, so the blooms are smallish yet).   The yellow rose is Midas Touch, one of the most intense yellow roses out there.  FIL/MIL loved yellow roses, and so does my husband.


Honestly I just picked these to arrange with the bouquet above, but they looked dumb, so I put them in their own flat vase.  This is a white mini-rose and the purple rose is the rootstock of some roses out front whose proper colors have given up the ghost.  The white mini roses are ridiculously healthy – that plant has been there for years.


Mr. Lincoln – a long stemmed red rose.  My grandmother used to grow these.  Uncommonly for florist roses, they have a strong rose scent.  Commonly for long-stemmed roses, you don’t get too many blooms/plant – but if you like, you can cut a three-foot stem.  (I don’t like, but I could).   A lovely dark, rich red.


I misremember the name of this lavender rose, but I find that lavender roses nearly always have a very intense rose smell, so if you like the smell of roses, get a lavender rose.  It’s a good bet.

Next week we should have the JF Kennedy white roses… they’re in bud but not bloom.

My husband and I enjoy growing roses, and I love having my home filled with cut flowers.  I don’t always get out there and cut them… but filling out my cutting garden is a priority for me.  I really *do* love flowers!


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