Holy Handsewing, Batman!!

Just a quick couple of lines… I’ve finished the body of the jacket, including sewing the lining to the fashion fabric on the hems and lining the collar.  This was *all* done by hand, people.  I don’t remember the last time my sewing machine touched this project.

On the up side, my stitches are getting ever so much more regular and skilled.  My arm is tired though.

For those of you playing along at home, I just *hand stitched* every inch of edge of the jacket.   Again.  Through denim.

I did learn that I want to make sure that my stitches for my trim next time are farther away from the edge of the garment and/or are better hidden.  You can see some of them this time round.  I mean, if you stare at the edges, which is a little weird.  Probably no one will do that except when I’m showing it off.

It lies on the body booootiful, though.  Boootiful.  The final project will have some tweaks, but this is still *really* nice.  And it feels like a cardigan.  In denim, which is odd.  But yeah. This messing about really does make a jacket that feels like a cuddly sweater.

Next we start sleeves.


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