Just following instructions…

I am learning SO much about sewing from just following the instructions in this pattern and going with the flow!  I’m very glad that I did it on denim before going to my ‘real fabric’ but still.

I feel like at every turn, I’m surprised by how things come together (the couture order of assembly is not at all like the order of assembly on a regular garment) and how beautifully it flows.   Like, these methods produce a better result.  Duh, right?  But if you’ve been taught one way all your sewing career, then switch – well, now I know why the sewing machines in couture shops gather a lot of dust.

I’m NOT saying that I’ll be doing this all the time.  No way.  You don’t even want to know how much time I’ve put into this jacket just this weekend.  Hand sewing?  I just hand sewed the collar onto the jacket.  And that was the easy, fast, part.

Pixels – I feel like such the magician’s apprentice today.

So.  The instructions say to start with a curved bit of sew-in interfacing (organza) to which one is going to attach a *rectangular* piece of fashion-fabric.  Then you start steaming and ease-stitching and … and it bends.  Now, I did have to trim the denim a bit, and you can see I have puckering with the flash (it doesn’t show w/out a flash on it – it also doesn’t show against my neck, where it nestles up).

I knew that loosely-woven wool would play nicely with steam – I really wasn’t counting on denim to do so.  My final fabric is loosely-woven silk, which is more cooperative than denim and less cooperative than wool.  I think we’ll be GTG.  So I’m absolutely shocked that this worked.  My photography skills aren’t up to showing off how *nicely* this lies … trust me that it’s a thing of beauty.

I was worried about the uncovered raw edges of the trim, so I left a bunch of the neckline trim raw… nope, the collar covers that.  -blink-

My words for the day are, “I don’t believe that worked”.

(The collar is not yet lined, so if you want to see the multiple lines of stitching in there, you can.  Well, you can’t see all of them.  But you can get the start of an idea).

This is just so cool!

But enough for one weekend, my arm is sore.


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