1. I have decided to add more whimsical clothing – and just more clothing in general – to my wardrobe.  I tend to err on the side of the minimalist wardrobe, which means my clothing wears out quickly.  And I get bored of it.  The weather doesn’t change much here, so it is entirely possible for me to wear the same skirt twice a week every week for a couple of years before it dies.  Yes, that’s good return on investment, but … eh.
  2. The shift dresses looked a lot better in the dressing room!  However, I can either wear them as tunics or tuck them in as shirts – or just wear them as is, when it gets hot this summer, as it will.  I’m often about begging for nothing-dresses in August, so these will work.
  3. I’ve gained about 5lb over the past 6 weeks (of dental work, medical stuff, two colds through the household, and still playing carb-heavy russian roulette with the diet for my hubs).  I know I don’t look my best.  I’m not sure how much weight I’ve gained ’cause I kicked the scale under the bed and I’m not digging it out.
  4. Hi Ruffles!  I guess the crossfit fairy gave me a style that I’ve never been able to wear… and DH really likes it.  🙂  You will see this in some of my me-made stuff going forward.
  5. Total for the six pieces was $107 at the “good Marshalls” aka the one in the expensive part of the county.

5 thoughts on “Haul

    1. hearthie Post author

      Red and red. This is a true-red, clear and bright. You wear a more muted red, with a bit of brown or orange to it. I have to be very careful with hitting the right red, but if it’s right… it’s right. And thankies. 🙂



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