Jacket Beginnings

I’m working on the beginnings of my first jacket – wow.  Just … wow.  I’m so glad that I decided to make a regular version before going full-out couture (although so far my only non-couture moment was not embroidering the buttonholes).

How different the order-of-assembly is can only be explained by saying that I’m about half-way through, I have an entirely-lined bodice, and my next step (*before* sewing the shoulder seams) is to interface the hem and hem/trim the jacket bodice.  -blink-

It feels lovely.  I so enjoy taking my time and just “doing the next thing” on a project.  And I like the tailoring details, the fiddly stuff.  I like high-level craftsmanship.  The thing that stresses me out tends to be fitting… well, it’s been fit, and this is the “wearable muslin” (ha ha ha) before I get out the good material.

If anyone is thinking about doing an advanced sew, I can not scream loudly enough that you MUST love your fabric.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time stroking and coaxing it to do what I want it to do – if I didn’t like the fabric, I’d be quite crotchety by now.   Yes folks – you are doing fabric manipulation when you sew at this level, and that means your hands in contact with the material constantly.

Assuming the fit isn’t a total botch, I’m going to have one incredibly awesome denim jacket to wear this summer.


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