Guts Pic

As I was sewing in the hem interfacing, I thought you might like a guts pic before I hem and trim her up.


You can see the outside of the jacket (on the bottom), which has the buttonholes in it.  The lining/facing is on top.  The lining pieces are all attached to the outer shell with quilting and/or running stitches in the seam allowance.

The front piece has

  • interfaced buttonholes (with iron-on interfacing)
  • is interfaced entirely with organza
  • is taped on what will be the edge, once it gets turned under

The hem is interfaced with organza, which has been hand-stitched with a blind stitch on the hemline itself and catch-stitched to the seam allowances on top of the organza strip.

Not sure why I enjoy this process so much, but I do.  Pity there’s so little call for tailored things in my life or my area of the country.

Not feeling up to complicated pressing, so not going to start the hem tonight.  Time for a bath and sleeps.


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