This is why my kids don’t go out much


Another case, in a city nearby…

This kind of crap seems to be in the water here.  My kids have been approached by creepers in the local park.  Fortunately, they weren’t alone… another mom and I were there too.

I’ve seen a guy ask a kid to help him find his puppy between two buildings… yeah, anytime a college-aged dude runs away from a matron like yours truly?  He’s up to no good, no good at all.

I hate how it limits our kids.  My husband isn’t even all that comfortable with our 12yo walking up 4 houses to my BFF’s house by herself.

When my son was 10 or so, he and his buddy (female) lived about half a mile apart.  The mom of the girl and I were friends, thought our (extremely responsible, tall for their age) kids might be allowed to each walk 1/4 mile, meet, and go to the corner store together.  Buy some candy, get away from their siblings, just … be kids in the summer, you know?

Our respective husbands, proposed this idea, separately turned pale and forbade the whole thing.  Both men grew up in this neighborhood.  They didn’t get along.  They didn’t discuss it with one another.  It just wasn’t happening.  Ever.

This infuriates me.  I keep my kids penned up unless they’re with me… which means they lose out on life.  They SHOULD be able to go out, skin their knees, meet other kids, get some sunshine, see what’s around the corner… but no.  Not unless they’re attached to my hip.

Well, 16yo (who is bigger than I am) can now travel a grand 1/2 mile alone…. but that’s all.  When I was 16, when my husband was 16 – we went all over.  That’s what bikes were for.  What feet and friends were for.

If you ever want to know what’s really at the heart and soul of my always wanting to leave my life in SoCal, welcome to it.  This.  It’s THIS.  This sucks.  The traffic is annoying.  The hot and cold running people always everywhere all the time gets really really OLD.  But THIS.  This is the center.   And it really happens, and it really happens right here, on my street, around the corner, up the hill.  -growl-

I am usually sunshine and bunnies – but this makes me MAD.  My kids lose out, other kids lose their innocence or their very lives… because evil.



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