Ups and downs: Gym Records Etc

Does everyone want to know a secret?

  • Even if you aren’t hurting that much, being damaged really upsets your body and thus your emotions.

OY.  So, had my root canal last week, today I got my temporary crown on.  That sounds so much less major than it is – they grind off a bunch of tooth, take an impression, etc, etc, etc.  90 min in the dentist’s chair, y’all.  But I don’t have a nerve there anymore… so all we really came home with is some soreness from having my jaw propped open and gum tenderness (thread stuffed under your gums, yay). (Getting the permanent crown doesn’t take long/isn’t too traumatic – or so they say, it’s just getting the temp off and setting in the purty one).

I figured, okay – no big, I feel fine, just going to get over the anesthetic and we go on with life.  And then somehow I find myself sobbing into my pillow.  What the heck?    I am about DONE with me, people.  Just about done with being weak.  I have things to do.  I do not have any interest in being the weak one.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.   And I did not want take out for dinner.  (DH is the sauce which is awesome, I was not permitted to get near the kitchen tonight – I’m mad at me, not his awesome provisionness or love.  Also, I was eating properly again since this wkend, and …. sigh).

That would be in total contrast with yesterday 1) in general and 2) last night at the gym.  Due to the whole root canal business, having a body full of antibiotics, etc, I hadn’t hit the gym in a while, and the bod was just screaming for a good workout.  And that’s after a full day deepcleaning the pantry and freezers!

3 20 17 A3 20 17 B

I’ve been favoring my bad foot again, which it seems I do as soon as I’m not lifting… so my opposite knee was a bit sore, so I didn’t get crazy with the weights.  However, I’m thrilled to say that I was doing proper cleans – squatting DOWN like I’m supposed to.  That’s an accomplishment for me.

I don’t do split jerks because of the bad foot – don’t really like to jump that much.  Lil bounce for a push-jerk, which is why my notes say, “PP/J” instead of “SJ”.

Was getting pretty winded through the C&Js, and excited to see backsquats on the list (HBBS = High bar backsquats), so didn’t try to kill myself there.  Was taking it easy on the knee, and my setups weren’t all that they could be – backsquats have been missing from our rotation, so I’m out of practice – getting up past my bodyweight on the shoulders is hard… the lift not so much, just getting it settled and moving into position (you walk backwards a step or two).  But that said?  The training has made me strong enough that the 90% lift was completely comfortable.  I will be surprised if I can’t make some gains on my old number the next time we go for PRs.  Well, after I get my knee sorted.  (I know it was from favoring because all I had to do to “fix”it, even squatting heavy, was to pigeon-toe slightly).   My core has gotten a lot stronger (if only it would get smaller…) because today I feel basically nothing in my back, and I’m pretty sure that rib pain is from what we substituted in for the yoke complex.*

I missed backsquats, they’re one of my favorite lifts (I prefer powerlifting to oly lifting, c’est la vie), and they’re something I’m good at, so I’m hoping that coach re-integrates them into our practice, even though BBC is an *olympic* lifting club.  Hey, a girl can dream, right?  😀

*Oh, what did we sub in, and why?  There were only the two of us gals there at that hour (1), we’d just done backsquats, which are a very similar move (2), and the yoke, unloaded, weighs 180lb, so we were going to have to do it together (3), so Coach substituted a plank tabata – 20 sec on, 10 seconds off, 8 rounds… of elbow to hand plank.   She let us do the last three rounds as leg lifts, we were getting fairly gelatinous in the arms by round five.  (

so all in all?  Yday I felt amazing and got a ton done … today I feel like I was steamrollered by the emo train.


**Because I need the ego boost, you might note that my current PR backsquat is 235, and I’ve been training for less than 3 years.   I’m chasing “Advanced” status and hoping for “Elite” within the next two years.  My deadlift is between Adv and Elite.  My bench is only intermediate though, my upper body strength has a long way to go.  This is my sport.  Yeah, I still think it’s pretty crazy.



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