Sewing: Vogue 8991

8991Ah today… today I woke up feeling like myself for the first time in weeks.  T’was lovely.

So I made another attempt at a couture muslin – the second jacket looks MUCH better on me than the first did.  Have changed patterns to this one:

DSC05339Got the muslin cut the other day, sewed and altered today – I over-altered the paper pattern, so had to add a bit back.  The alterations at the moment are to reduce the back pieces by 3/4″ horizontally, taper the front piece substantially at the collar from the bust point (thanks, pushups), and shorten the arms by 3″.   Interestingly, I did shoulder-to-elbow and elbow-to-wrist measurements and ended up doing all the reduction above the shoulder.  The muslin’s sleeves fell very nicely, so that’s good.

DSC05340I was seriously considering going straight to the good fabric, but I decided that topper/jackets are a wardrobe staple, and I should make up a not-couture version to do final fit testing… see if it’s *really* comfy, if I love it, all that kind of thing.  I’m so not using at all the same fabric, which will be “interesting” but hey.  I’m going to make myself a denim jacket.  I don’t have one right now, and if that’s not a wardrobe staple, what is?

Plus, this is a very complicated pattern with a million pieces – a first draft is not a bad plan.  I won’t be doing the handworked buttonholes or that kind of thing, but will be following the general assembly instructions, just substituting the usual machine sewing for the handsewing – and skipping a lot of the basting and whatnot.  I’m not basting denim.  No.

Today I got the notions purchased (I had the fabric and lining in stash) and got the DSC05337interfacing and the lining cut/marked.  You can see my pattern changes on the pieces – these are my stacks of “interfacing only”, “lining only” and “fabric and/or”.  Tomorrow I can cut the fashion fabric and mark it, and then we can start sewing.

Well, in the middle of the rest of my life, which has been far too crazy lately.

The root canal last week went amazingly well, and my husband can almost digest normal food now…  I think we may be off the all-carb & chicken diet soon.  I hope.


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