Sewing: Next Big Thing

Weird frugal thing yours truly just did…. I cut up a mildewy shower curtain as a jacket muslin.  I  was about to toss it, because mildew – then I said, “wait – I’m going to need a thick fabric … I could use this..” so I washed it, dried it, and cut it up.

What are we making?v8804sx

Vogue 8804, Claire Schaeffer

The Chanel jacket… couture quality, couture details.   Checked on Pattern Review?  Approx 100 hours of work to complete. (Aka do not make a ‘sample version’ – go straight to the good material).

Once my muslin is fit within an inch of its ever-lovin’ life, I’ll get to work.  I ordered the fiddly bits that I can’t get in town tonight – silk organza interfacing, silk buttonhole twist, beeswax to iron into the buttonhole twist (oh yes, the insanity just gets warmed up), and unfinished shoulderpads.  I’ll find buttons and trim here, I’d rather look at those in person.



It should be truly glorious.  I’m giving myself permission to switch to the other Claire Schaeffer design (mandarin collar, princess seams in back, different sleeve treatment) if this muslin isn’t flattering.  I’d rather stay with this if I can, I have a feeling the silk woven won’t want to mold the way wool would, and I’m not sure about dye transfer.

I have some other things I’ll be working on in the meantime, but this is where it be for now.



2 thoughts on “Sewing: Next Big Thing

    1. hearthie Post author

      I’m not sure how it will work, thus the muslin. I have another of her patterns that I might switch to. We will see after I get the muslin properly fit. I put on a (cheap!) jacket like this just on a whim and other than the cheap factor, was surprised that it looked cute. We will see!!! Muslins ftw!

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