Little Green Dress

dsc05278I’ve been working on this poor dress for over a month.  Today I had enough time and mental capacity to get it finished.  Good thing I waited, somehow there were fitting issues that didn’t show up until all was said and done.  Irritating!  I did what I could… and I am overall, quite pleased with how it came out.

This is the usual, “I just finished sewing this” picture, the “all gussied up” picture will wait for a week or so until DH and I go out properly.

I think I’m going to need shoes…


Anywho.  Sewing details.  I used Gertie’s Butterick pattern for the top – 6412, for those of you sewing along at home.   I’d had the bottom from my dirndl, which due to benchpresses, no longer fit.  No sense wasting good fabric – and this is silk.  In my favorite color.  Embroidered with flowers.  Definitely not wasting it!!

I added a couple of details – I did a soft gather at the dsc05279side of the sleeve with some small covered buttons.  I felt like the originally drafted sleeve was just TOO plain for such a pretty dress.   I *love* how the sleeve came out, it has just enough personality.

The other change was changing the button placement – the buttons aren’t on buttonholes, so that was no big deal.  (The top button is sort of flopped over, don’t mind it).  DH said he didn’t care for the evenly distributed design from Gertie, dsc05280


he felt that it distracted from the neckline.   Moved buttons, reduced by one.   And I showed you the self-belt I made a few weeks back.  Cute, yes?  I’ll be using THAT trick again!

The sewing was relatively straightforward.  I didn’t use instructions, but mostly I don’t now.  I’ve sewn lined bodices before.  (I didn’t line the sleeves, I almost never do).

Oh, and the color in the bottom picture is closest to reality.  😀

I’m glad to be done with this… of course I think I’ll take on something REALLY challenging next… that couture jacket.




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