Gym Records/Life 2 17 17

No one else showed up to BBC last night, so since it was just me, Coach let me work on what I wanted to work on (backsquats) and then she threw in floor presses.   SO MANY FLOOR PRESSES.

You know how I said that the 100 weren’t horrible, since I used a 22lb bar?  No 22lb for me this time, I used a 33lb bar.  And 100?  Hahaha.  I did at least 250, possibly 300.  Not sure, I lost count.

Actually I’m fine.  It was fine.  It was good.  I only woke up once for Advil.

As for life?  Surgery day for DH today.  Say a prayer if you’re so inclined, and include travel mercies if you will.  Supposed to be raining cats about the time we should be getting out.   Plus high winds.


2 thoughts on “Gym Records/Life 2 17 17

    1. hearthie Post author

      Thanks Alena. It went well. there were lots of delays, which served to keep us of 1-5 (in a major storm) until after all the traffic was GONE. Grateful I am.



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