It is better…

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”.  (Eleanor Roosevelt)

My husband is not feeling well.   I am worried about him.  He will have surgery on Friday – dsc05273God willing.   He has a cold this weekend and symptoms that match the “bring him in now” symptoms… but they could be the cold, and they went away with the morning’s light.

I frittered away a lot of yday because our plans for the day got hijacked by the cold on top of him not feeling well in the first place.   I am -very deliberately-  choosing to not do that today.  I made the breakfast that most agreed with him this week, from his work cafeteria (french toast & bacon).  He ate well, which is better than last night, he nearly didn’t eat last night.  I cleaned up the kitchen.  And then I put on my new blouse, a cardi, jewelry and a belt… all to go out to the patio and sew and iron.

Slouching around would certainly be excusable, but it wouldn’t get me anything.  Looking nice helps, however little.  It helps.

So I’m lighting my candle. AND I’m cursing the darkness.  Because it wants cursing.


(Sorry about picture quality, it looked okay in the viewfinder and I’m not in the mood to retake).




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