Raising the Flag: Beauty

I’m putting the call out – first to myself, then to the rest of my sisters out there… let’s do Beauty, ladies.  (And gentlemen, if you’d care to come along).

  • Beauty in deportment
  • Beauty in our surroundings
  • Beauty in our faces and bodies
  • Beauty in motion
  • Beauty in conversation

If you’ve missed my article over at HHH and HIC about beauty being a window to the Transcendent, here you go:  https://hearthtobelovely.wordpress.com/2017/01/25/beauty-is-a-window-to-the-transcendent/

I’m deeply disturbed by what’s going on in my country and the world generally.  What is bothering me most is the deep divisions, the rhetoric of hatred.   This is ugliness.  We no longer listen to one another, we no longer hear one another’s concerns.  We run roughshod over the sacred and we are all missing connection.  There exists very little that draws us out of ourselves, out of our own little mental worlds, out of cyberspace.  We have lost touch with that which reminds us to look up, and Up.

But that is one purpose of Beauty, to cause us to stop and appreciate.

We can all participate in Beauty, because we are all creations of the Master’s hand.

What choices can you make, today, that increase Beauty?  How can you feed yourself with beautiful things, how can you offer beauty to others, how can you better maintain what you’ve been given?

This is the flag I’m raising.

For myself, just for today…

  • I’m listening to old hymns, sung by lovely voices, on my car stereo instead of other music.  Just for today.
  • I’m dressed well, in a blouse and skirt and sweater that coordinate and bring a softness.  Not really going anywhere today, except for Kid Driving.  But I look nice.
  • I spent time stretching.  Eating good food today, lots of veggies.
  • I’m going to write a couple of letters.  By hand.  On pretty paper.
  • I’m going to work on this book, and I wrote this blog.
  • I’m going to work on a date night dress made of green silk.

What can YOU do, just for today?  Just today, to increase the beauty coming in to your heart, and the beauty you *are*, and the beauty you create?

Raise the flag.  Revolt against this ugly, modern, hateful world.  Be Beautiful.


3 thoughts on “Raising the Flag: Beauty

  1. fiberaddict

    What am I doing for beauty? Unpacking the hundreds of boxes that were put back in the house yesterday. :-). And weeding as I go – we’re up to 8 Contractor-sized bags now…..and we’ve only made a dent. But that’s OK – I almost have my house back!

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  2. elspeth

    Today, so far, I have:

    -Exercised and eaten a good breakfast.
    -Hugged and kissed my husband and kids.
    -Touched base with my brother, which I don’t do enough.

    Still on tap:
    – a walk with a sermon for company.
    -clean my bedroom
    -read Scripture.


    1. hearthie Post author

      I didn’t get to my sewing or much writing (I did a bit) because I spent hours on the phone with a friend who needed to talk. That’s fine and proper, and a good use of my time. the dress will be done by the time my husband is well enough to take me somewhere I could wear it. 🙂



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