Sewing: Home Dec – Chair covers

I don’t like sewing home-dec.  But – when needs must, I will.

One of our cats has taken up perching on the top of the computer chairs.  This is adorable.  BUT – the fake leather that the chairs are covered in was getting thrashed by her claws.  What to do?  Make covers.


The owners of the chairs in question (husband and children) like the chair covers.

The cat is smug about having chair covers made for  her – to the point that she jumped up to model while I was taking these pictures.

An easy sew.   Cheap to make – I got a remnant of home-dec fabric of about 1.5 yds and covered three chair backs for about $10.



(No need for a pattern.  This is a cube minus the bottom.  You measure, leave a bit of room for seam allowances, sew the sides individually to the top, then sew the sides to one another, then hem the lot evenly.)


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