Gym Records: The difference between BBC and CF

The thing that my coach at BBC tells me MOST often is, “Control the bar!”  This is what happens when you do NOT control the bar.  Pretty?  No.  Sore?  Yes.  Yes, that white bit is where my running bra was.  I guess it gave some padding?  Who wants to guess what shade of purple I’ll be tomorrow?  :p  Do not drop the bar on your shoulders, children.  Let me be a lesson to you.


So I managed to hit BBC on Monday night and CF this morning.  Yay me!  I haven’t hit CF in an age.  Just life getting in the way.  We did a lot of practice lifts and mobility for the WOD rather than a proper separate strength portion… the WOD today was a weird EMOM.  You have sixty seconds.  First you must do 20 [high-knees]*, then you pick up the bar
[snatch it] and put it on your back.  Pop out as many backsquats as you can manage before the minute is up.  Your WOD is done when you’ve gotten to 100 backsquats.

1-9-16I should have been able to Rx this workout because a 75lb backsquat is basically nothing.  And I can snatch that weight just fine too.  But then I have to put it on my back – and get it back OFF of my back.  I hit myself in the head, dropped it to 65lb.  (I still hit myself in the back of the head).   But the high knees and having to interrupt?  Killed me OFF.  Took 14:45.

That’s the big difference between CF and BBC.  At BBC, you have plenty of time to do a perfect lift -that’s the POINT, is doing them perfectly.  Anyway, I paid, and you can see the evidence above.

At BBC, my primary challenge lately seems to be figuring out what Coach wants us to do… I totally flubbed it and thought the DL holds were for EVERY lift, not the lift at the end of the set of five.  No one else noticed what I was doing until I’d done 17 of the blorking things.  I was really starting to think of my compatriots as massive cheaters.

Snatch @ 63lb, OHS @ 53lb, I did the first five of the DL @ 173, then dropped to 123.  Yeah, yeah.  YOU try holding 60% of your DL max for 30 seconds.   We didn’t end up playing with the sandbags, they’re broken.  We did dragon flags instead.


*supposed to be double unders.  I usually sub in step ups on a box, because I can’t jump.  But those were WAY too slow, as fast as I could possibly go, I was still too slow to use it as an EMOM.


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