Gym Records: January 5 2017

We did just a few lifts last night… but we did a lot of them!  I have a strap mark on my wrist this morning… and it was a solid 2.5 hours of work last night.  Nothing like 108 1-5-17deadlifts.

(For your amusement, imagine three people standing there talking amongst themselves… “she can’t possibly mean…” “I think she does”…”No way”).

To clarify – the hieroglyphics translate to, “Deadlift as heavy as possible – warmup with 20 @ your 50%, then 10 AHAP, 9, 8,….1, then 20 more at 50%.”

The straps helped.  My hands were pretty well fried by the time I was done with that.   Did most of them at my 50%, which is 144.  Worked up to 255 for the last one.

Cleans and PCs – PCs I worked (except for first set) at 83lb, which was fine and easy.  Cleans were at 63lb.  My front rack still bites.

On the flexibility front, Coach gave me a stretch that should address my tight ribs, and I’ll be using that.  I have been developing a suspicion that a bunch of my “tricep” problems are actually rib/armpit problems.

Banded KBS were as fun as they usually are (aka not, but very good for me).  Likewise Dragon Flags.


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