More UFOs

I sewed up the other cut-and-rtg apron in my stash today.  It was meant as a gift for the friend who sent me the fruit fabric in the first place, and will go to her.  Who doesn’t need random presents?

I used some ric-rack to trim it – I’m not a big ric-rack girl, but I’m forever getting packets of it when I buy sewing notions at estate sales.  I thought it suited the apron.

In other sewing news, due to the cup-size reduction from CF/BBC, my dirndl didn’t fit any more.  (Sadness!  Despair!  Mourning!)   Gertie brought out a *cute* dress cut down to there and back again, which suits the date-night purpose of my dirndl.   My local fabric discount shop still had the silk I used for the dirndl in stock, so I got a bit more to turn into a new bodice and picked apart the dirndl for re-use.  (I’ll just put the skirt on the new bodice and voila – dress!).

The last item in my UFO cupboard… I found a fully cut corset.  It won’t fit up top anymore either… however, I think if I baste it together and compare it to one of my bra cups, I should be able to make appropriate changes.  I really don’t want to waste the coutil.

I might work on that tonight, we’ll see… 🙂


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