Sewing UFOs

I was all set to sew up an off-white buttondown shirt courtesy some “great, soft fabric” I found in my stash… well, folks – it pays to check that fabric out in DAYLIGHT, because the “great soft fabric” was batiste.  Fortunately I waited until morning to cut, so I didn’t waste any on a see-through shirt… -snorts-  But we had to go to plan B.  Wasn’t in the mood to start something totally new, pawed around in my piles and found some aprons to sew/mend.  dsc05197

That’s a good thing – I *use* my aprons, so they get pretty gnarly.  The ones I have now are badly discolored.  (That’s the idea – the apron gets yucky, my clothes don’t).  I’d cut this apron a few years back – at least one, probably two – from various scraps in the stash.  DH pointed out that the scrap was pretty thin, so I then found a bit more scrap and lined it right quick.

I know it’s candy colored.  Scraps, remember?  Also, aprons fall into the category of “clothes that can be totally ridiculous and still awesome”.   One more is cut and I’ll sew it up tomorrow.  AND (not pictured) I found a denim apron which inexplicably was tied with home-made bias tape, which (unsurprisingly) ripped off … all it was in need of was new waist ties.  I used some scrap denim to put on something a tad more robust.  Two aprons up, there’s a win.  (And one down – I threw one of the old ones away).

dsc05194In upcoming sewing news, I got the Claire Schaeffer book in regards to making Chanel jackets, and decided to spend some time practicing my buttonhole stitch.  It’s not perfect, but it’s better than it was before I sat down with it tonight, and I found a few things that I’d been doing utterly wrong in the past, which I improved.  Win.

Not where I wanted to take my sewing day, but it was a good use of time ne’ertheless.


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