Gym Records: 12-29-16

Coach J was still out, Coach A stepped in.  Usually he works out with us, but he was sick.  He did a great job as coach, I had a couple of really great lifts courtesy his pointers on footwork.


Single Arm KB swing:  18lb

High Hang Power Snatch:  Worked up to 53lb.

Power snatch:  worked up to 73lb, but had one lift at 93lb, it finished as a “muscle snatch” so I decided to drop the weight back down.  Felt good as far as weight goes, controlling the bar I need to work on.

Sandbag cleans same as always.  Plank on low rings? How bad does that hurt, Hearth?  It hurts so bad I was *moaning in my sleep* – after Advil.  But the pain was gone by morning.  Usually BBC core exercises are sneaky and kill me in the morning but not at night.


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