Gym Records: 12-26-16

Last week, due to things outside of my control, BBC didn’t happen properly.  I did the warmup from the prior week + stretching, and on thurs, a 5×5 set of backsquats @ 144lb.

12-26-16Showed up tonight, ended up working out with just the coach/owner.   This was 90 minutes of work – warmup was the same as the last whiteboard I posted (the warmup of dooooom).

Here’s my notes… I know they’re incomprehensible.  Adding to, I accidentally grabbed the “boy bar” (again) and noticed after the work was done – so the numbers here have to have 11lb added to them.

Hang Power Cleans = 3 sets  of 5 @ 84lb

Hang Cleans = 5 sets of 3 @ 64lb

Dumbbell Shoulder Press & Push Press – 3 SP + 3 PP = 1 set, do two sets @ 40lb

Mixed-grip Bench Press = 3 sets of 10 @ 74lb

Plank Push Plate = 3 sets of 6 (Hold plank, push plate forward with one hand, pull plate down with opposite hand.  Push plate up with that hand, pull down with the other hand).

3 sets of 15 pushups with feet on an 8″ box.  This was harder than with my feet on a 20″ box, which hits the shoulders… nope, this hit the pecs and upper core.

Yeah, I’m sore…………………………………… 😀


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