2017 Evaluation – stage 1

What did I want to do in 2016, and what got accomplished?


– Get a 300lb deadlift; 250lb backsquat; 150lb benchpress (this would make me competitive at my age range for powerlifting)  (I don’t want to compete, I just want to know that I could if I wanted to.)
– Do a solid job on marking my KJV for apologetics use and get some good studying under my belt in that direction
– Organize the house (continuing)
– Get a small business up and running, not just dreaming
– Finish that book I’m writing and get it epub’d.

Let’s start with gym records:  Did I make these earmarks?  Nope.  I got very sick in the early Spring of 2016, and my regular 3x/wk gym appointments + open gym dropped off the radar shortly after writing this.  In other body news, my core underwent  a substantial change and my lifting form improved – but that transfer came with a price, and that price was a solid year of no PRs on my big lifts. (Of course now my back doesn’t hurt for two days after PRing those big lifts – fair is fair).  I started to see PRs once again when I  started at barbell club this fall, so my numbers as of this writing are 295DL, 235BS, and 126BP.  NOT shabby numbers, and they’re moving (now) in the right direction with great rapidity.

Going forward?  Oh, I’d love to spend more time in the gym.   I know my body won’t sustain more than three workouts (proper workouts) per week without the rest of my life suffering, but I’d really like to incorporate more flexibility and endurance work.  I enjoy the gym… if I had a list of things I’d spend more time on, were I able to pay the piper, it would certainly be top of the list.


Next up, my KJV – I read through the Bible as always, taking notes for apologetics as I went, and transferred a good chunk of those to my KJV, with crossreferences.  I need to finish that up, but we’re talking an afternoon’s work.  Did good reading in apologetics.  Listened to a lot of Ravi Z.

Organize the house.  Yeah.  Well, what happened with that is that three days after my husband cleaned the garage, my BIL showed up with SIL’s car… which my husband has been getting up and running this year.  So, still shooing stuff back and forth erratically, all the bits we don’t have enough room for on their eternal cycle between garage and patio.  Eventually the car will go away and we can tackle this again.  Really it comes down to having more stuff than space.

Family is more important, so this was totally fine.

Get the small business up and running:  Well.  It’s up and running.  Properly and legally.  I don’t have any CLIENTS as of yet, but I’m legal, I have my gear, I have my pro-site, and I’m ready to rumble.  (Hearthrose.com if you want a look).

2017 will see me continue to work on my business.

Write a book and get it e-pub’d.  Yep.  It’s up for sale on all the e-pub platforms, if you haven’t gotten a copy yet.  Wardrobe Communication by Amy Fleming


So, what can I say?  The *heart* of what I wanted to accomplish in 2016 was accomplished – but the “marks of success”, no.   I had a lot of things I wanted to accomplish, and I moved towards everything except organizing, lol.

2016 was definitely a year about DOING things.  No regrets, but 2017 is going to take a different emphasis – because what I wrote about being “stressed out” in 2015 goes double for where I am today.

But analysis comes later.  This was the look back … step 1.   There will be more – this is the introspective gal’s most introspective week of the year!!!




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