Expectation Ruins Enjoyment

So, this is something I’ve known for years – since the first time I decided, on Mother’s Day, to not expect *anything*… and therefore was freed to enjoy the offerings I received, instead of comparing those offerings to the mythical perfect Mother’s Day.

I forgot to apply this across the board though, and, I’ve been reminded of this this Christmas season.  DH and I looked at one another, decided to *not* run the big party we normally do, and decided to take everything down several notches.  Even so, the run up to Christmas is always stressful.  But why wouldn’t it be?  There’s a lot of extra work to be done!

So, there’s an expectation – that every moment from, say, the 10th of December on will be full of holly jolly celebration.  That’s not even possible, people.  Holiday creep can increase expectations and reduce enjoyment.

I doubt that you can truly say that we’ve beaten the excess expectations down, but it’s reducing, and as it reduces, I can feel my holiday spirit increase.

Crazy thing, how you can’t just expect joy into existence……..

Have a thought.  🙂

And a Merry Christmas, if I don’t see you before then.


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