Posture change


Saw some pix from my mom’s big bday celebration and screamed in horror… and then asked, “why am I leaning like that?”  I normally have reasonable posture – not perfect, but pretty good.  But in the last few sets of pix I’ve seen of myself, I’m leaning waaaaaaay back.

So I got a mirror and stood up straight, and realized that my balance has changed.  When I’m standing with the posture on the right, I “feel” like I’m standing straight – and indeed, my back is in a straight line… it’s on a diagonal, but I’m not slouching.  What I’ve done is aligned my shoulders with my rear.   Only, my shoulders and my rear aren’t aligned anymore…

Standing as to the left, I honestly feel like I’m leaning forward, pushing my breasts out.  Obviously NOT, in reality, but… that’s what it feels like.

I’m going to have to relearn proper posture.  -shakes head-  No one told me that restructuring your body would be this weird.



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